Phoenix Feathers

As the bus stopped Phoebe realised something. She knew, this was not where she wished to be. She looked to Basilic who was chatting away to the shapeshifter behind her. She got up, edging past Basilic. She turned to him. "Bas. I..." She stopped, gathering her thoughts. "Bas thankyou. I hope you find the one that I did. I hope your travelling goes well." She looked away for a moment.

She placed her backpack on her back and took off his glasses, taking a mental image of those deep green eyes. She leaned in and kissed him. A warm rush ran through her body and she pulled back. Closing her eyes she carressed his cheek then turned before beginning to walk down the bus aisle. She opened her eyes then faced the open doors. "This is it." She breathed.

Upon the seat next to Basilic was a shining feather, it looked like a peacock feather, but smaller and a shiny gold. It burned with Sorrow,Anger and Love. The heart of a Phoenix.

She took the steps off the bus, then looked at Basilic. In a moment her backpack went up in flames, and so did she. She let out a small mournful cry as she spreaded her wings and took to the sky. The sun had began to set and her own fire mixed with that upon the horizon as she disappeared. "Bas..." She called. "I will never forget you..."

The End

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