Mmmm... Tasty People.

It's so stupid to cry, I'd only known him for a couple of days, and evidently he didn't care what became of me.

That's what my brain said, but my heart thought differently.

'What do you care?' I'd spat at Jesse. I was angry that he'd come here to remind me of my friend. Not that I wouldn't be reminded of him everytime I felt the thirst, which, so far, was all the time. People on buses smell really good - especially when they haven't had much of a chance to clean up, when the scent isn't obscured by harsh chemical soaps. Yum.

What was I thinking? I'm still half-human. Surely that means that I should retain some love for the humans that surround me.

Apparently not.

'I'm sorry!' I spluttered to no one in particular, lurching to my feet and staggered to the front of the bus.

'Stop the bus!' I croaked to the driver. She sighed and pulled over to the side of the motorway and I threw myself out the door, gulping in the fresh air. 'Don't leave until I come back!' I shouted over my shoulder as I sprinted towards the scent of deer

The End

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