Not Paranoia

Bas jerked awake, suddenly aware of a new presence on the bus. No, not new... That presence... The one that he had been sure was just paranoia gnawing at his mind. He turned in his seat, trying to figure out where it was, and was shocked to see it was in the seat behind him and Phoebe. Not it, he thought... She. He put his head in between the seats, wondering at this new sight... It was a presence he'd never felt before, and that was odd in itself. 

"Hey," he started, characteristic smile plastered on his face, "My name's Basilic, but never Bas. Who're you?" he moved his face closer at this point, "But more important, what are you?" and then he moved his head back, waiting for her response. His black hair was scruffy after days aboard this bus without combing it, but he wasn't sure whether it suited him or not, and he wasn't really sure, but he also didn't care. It was different, and that was just what he was.

The End

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