Return From The Unknown

I cautiously approach Jenny. It appears that she thinks she's alone out here. But she's not. As the Bus left, I couldn't leave her here alone, in the wilderness; she was still standing but stone cold-and with no pulse.

"Aidan!" I cried to him to wait, but then quickly turned back to Jenny, so I don't think he heard a word I said. Why would he anyway? He doesn't care about me. Jenny and I are out here alone!

Suddenly her heartbeat returns and she jerks out of some parallel universe she has been in. "Jenny, what is it? What did you see? Oh God, Jenny, why are you so cold?" I take off my custard-coloured 'Oxford University' jumper and drape it round her shoulders, suddenly aware of how cold the Swiss Night is.

"I-what..but they...?" Jenny stumbles over her words, and so I turn to look at her straight-on, a trick I have learnt that helps to comfort people. I look deep into her eyes, and finally take a real notice of her odd (but intriguing beautiful) features. Her skin had turned, as one would expect,a deathly pale colour, but the thing was: that it had a nice tan earlier. That kind of tan doesn't even fade with no pulse. Also her eyes...The colour of silver metal streaked with mud brown and sea green, and spinning rapidly in irregular loops.

I jump back from Jenifer's Body in surprise but do not manage to suppress the scream hiding in my hollow chasm of a body. It echoes through the night, but stops as I collide backwards with a figure. Aidan!

"You stayed..." I say with the last of my shocked breath. He studies my face, as his cheeks turn crimson-presumably from the cold. "You called me 'Aidan'," was all he whispers as he places his thick black wool jacket around my shoulders and turns to the approaching figure that was Jenny.

"What are you?" He addresses her.

In the distance I can see the red outline of the Bus returning for us. A thought pops to my head and I wonder 'How many people on this Bus are not what they first seem?'

And I don't mean hiding a cruel personality like Aphrodite.

The End

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