Heart of glass

Ignoring the tug in my stomach, I turn my head to the headrest next to me, where the half blood’s head should be just behind that.

‘So uh, who turned ya?’ I enquire casually. I wonder vaguely if it was my own little accident getting out of hand or if it had been someone else.

‘A vampire.’ Gabby tells me icily. I smile.

Which vampire, Gabby? I kinda guessed it was a vampire that did it,’ I laugh drily.

‘It’s not like you would know him, is it? The world is a lot bigger than you realise, sometimes.’

‘I can be a lot smaller, too.’ I retort. ‘Just tell me who the vampire was!’ my tone becomes menacing, but quiet, so I don’t wake the snake guy up. I hear her sigh, and I can tell she’s debating whether or not to tell me.

‘Alex. His name is Alex.’ She says, her voice breaking a little. So it was my accident (I only know one person called Alex, however common that name is, and that was him). And she has feelings for him. Interesting.

‘You sound like you cared about him.’ I say, not mentioning that I do know him.

‘I still do.’ She says. Feelings. So useless, especially in a vampire. I look out of the window. I get the feeling we’re missing someone. I’m sure there were more people waiting around than had got on the bus.

‘Excuse me,’ I say, getting up to talk to the driver. ‘I think we left someone behind,’ I tell the driver. She looks at me and then in the mirror and does a head count. She nods and I return to my seat. The bus stops and somehow turns around, back the way we came. When I get back to my seat, I can hear Gabby quietly crying. I exhale slowly, trying to force some compassion into what I'm about to say.

‘What’s up?’ I ask. She turns in her seat and looks at me through the gap between the headrests.

‘Why on earth would you care?’ she spits the words out at me and turns away again. Rolling my eyes I try to talk – unsuccessfully – to her.

The End

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