The Pull...

Jesse. It seems a strange name for someone so...Evil. The name reminds me of that singer, what's he called? Oh well, it doesn't exactly matter.

There is no other way to describe him. He is evil. The way he showed no remorse or guilt at the killing of humans, what he used to be, repulsed me more than what Alex had done - at least he had tried to stop himself. He tried to avoid killing them. But this guy, I could tell he was something different entirely.

He was a Rogue. What that meant, I didn't really know, but didn't Alex once say he'd been turned by a rogue vampire? Perhaps that's just a false memory.

I saw his tiny grimace, though he hid it well, as he turned away. It reminded me of this odd tugging I've been feeling in my gut recently, for some reason, it made me want to go to Canada. How Strange.

The End

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