I don't care.

‘I’m not doing anything, snake boy.’ I say dangerously, snapping my gaze up to the basilisk. ‘Just talking. Go sleep and get your nose out of my business.’ I growl at him. He doesn’t move, glaring tiredly at me. I sigh as the phoenix joins him and warns me off. ‘Look, I’m not about to drink from her, she’s half blood. I don’t know what idiot did this to her, but I’m not gonna do anything about it. I don’t expect you to trust me, but I expect you to respect mine and the Halfling’s privacy, yeah?’ I turn back to the half blood and blank the basilisk. I hear an irritable sigh and then he wanders off back to the seventh row.

I smile and watch him, making sure he doesn’t see me looking in his direction.

‘Um,’ I hear the Halfling start nervously, ‘who are you?’ I turn back to her.

‘Jesse. You?’

‘Gabby...’ she says. I nod and say nothing more.  ‘Where you going?’ she asks a moment later, trying to make conversation.

‘Anywhere, really. I’m not fussed. A city, maybe. No one cares about missing people in cities. I’m kinda hungry, as you might have noticed.’ I tell her vaguely, looking out of the window. ‘Missing hikers tend to raise questions.’ I catch her eye, amused at her reaction.

‘You’re joking, right?’ she asks, hearing no remorse or regret in my voice.

‘Why would I be joking?’ I arch an eyebrow at her questioningly and she blinks, silenced by my lack of guilt. I feel a tug in my guts that isn’t hunger. The Mother of Night has been calling. I’ve been ignoring it. I don’t care. I twist in my seat, leaning back against the window, putting my feet on the chair next to me and close my eyes.

The End

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