Bad move, Halfling.

I can see the shiny new bus waiting for the passengers to all file in, the clamour in and around the bus almost unbearable. I’ve spent too long on my own in the quiet, feeding on animals and the odd hiker. I need more than that. So maybe standing in the doorway of the bus, a small sum of money clinking in my left hand, a bag dangling from my right, looking around for a seat isn’t the best idea. I shove my money on the little tray thing by the driver and she picks through it, raising an eyebrow as she sees francs and old English pennies in the collection of coins. She shrugs and waves me down the bus to pick a seat.

The bus is like an assault on my nose, after so long in the woods with just the smell of the earth and the trees and whatever wildlife I hadn’t got round to killing yet. I can smell all sorts on here. A half vampire, a basilisk, a phoenix, an angel and humans. The human smell makes me cringe as I slide into a seat near the half vampire. I’m hungry, I realise. More hungry than I thought. Animals really aren’t enough for me. Maybe for the half vampire, but not me. She’s restless. I wonder who turned her. I sit across from her. I look over at her curiously and notice her watching her arm healing. She glances at me and looks away quickly, sheepish, hiding the small blade.

I smile and decide to sit behind her. She doesn’t notice me slide into the seat behind her.

‘Halfling,’ I say quietly in her ear between the head rests. She jumps and obviously she hadn’t put the blade away, as she slashes my face with it. I wince, but ignore the pain. I hear her gasp as she sees the cut heal within seconds.

‘Bad move, Halfling.’ I say, turning to look at her. Her eyes are wide, and mine, I know, are turning red.


The End

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