Cutting... Again.

Sigh. It's weird to say, but this bus actually does get boring sometimes. I wonder what I'll do with my life.

Alex deserted me, I know that. Where is he now? Is he still running? Or is he in a life or death battle with some kind of master vampire? Knowing him, it's probably the latter.

Without even thinking it, I take out the little razor again. Well, I can't really say it's a razor, it's actually the little metal bit from inside a pencil sharpener. I draw it across my arm, I sharpened it myself so I barely have to apply any pressure at all to draw blood. After about a minute, the wound is completely healed.

I cut my arm again a few times, watching as it heals each time. A gasp alerted me to the fact that someone on the bus was watching me. I smiled sheepishly and put the razor back in my pocket.

I think I'll get off at the next stop, maybe head to the nearest airport. I fancy a trip to Australia. this bus will probably end there at some point anyway, but it's quicker to fly. And I don't want anyone on this bus calling some kind of scientist on me - too many people know what I am.


The End

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