Basilic was dozing with his eyes closed, head resting against the headrest. He was halfway down the new bus, as many people on the bus seemed to want him to sort out problems, and the middle was just easiest to get to if they were at the back. Anyway, he was sitting there, minding his own business... As always... Thinking back to his 'childhood', such as it had been, when he had listened to all the latest music... He'd been on his own for so long he hadn't heard any of the new bands... But all the stuff he could hear through the earphones was tinny, admittedly, because they were through earphones, but cheap and naff anyway.

And then he felt another conciousness. Small, limited but the potential for more intelligence was there. It seemed... Like a bird? But... It was following them, he was sure. Shaking his head, he pulled out an old, battered iPod and played the best band ever, in his opinion. He put the feeling of being followed down to paranoia, after all, it wouldn't be surprising after this trip.

The End

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