The Unknown

This is the third bus I have been on now.

Sometimes I wonder whether we will ever get to this field trip; stopping and starting, with no end, and the adults don't seem to know where they are going either.

Something really strange happened. At first I thought maybe it was me-having a bad day or something...But all that I just saw was not something one could make up easily-even with the best of imaginations. Firstly the fiery Red-Head a few rows up the bus just well, sort of, exploded. In a huge ball of fire. (Okay I'm exaggerating by saying it was huge, but it wasn't exactly a fireball of a minute size anyway). So then we all ran off the bus, as everything caught on fire, and as I tried to 'Do A Visual Head Count' (as my mother would put it) I realised that the Red-Head was still inside the burning vehicle. Unfortunatly it was too late as the bus exploded in front of our eyes! Automatically I found myself screaming, so reached for the figure I trusted the most beside me: Mr. Bible. I felt his soft hand grasp protectively around my left wrist and blushed at the caring gaze he was giving me.

Then a bird flew from the reckage; scarlet and gold and completely the heart of the fire-A phoenix! But that's impossible, right? The Phoenix only exists as a Greek myth, created in the eyes of those who wanted something precious to believe in, forever. Anyway it soon collapsed back to the ground. Astonishingly a minute later 'Flame-Girl' emerged from  the remains of our second bus. She seemed completely unharmed; even refreshed, some may say. "Impossible..." I heard Aidan breathe beside me.

Meanwhile, Alex got injured by the spitting petroleum, and I was one of the first to reach him to help (remember I still know CPR), but the tough-looking Bas pushed me out of the way again, and Gabby went to help Alex instead. Suddenly she was gone! One minute there helping-the next: gone. Then when she arrived back she took Alex somewhere and they were gone in a flash, like lightning in a storm-rare to see but fascinating all the same.

I think my ideas about The Unknown have suddenly been given a exciting new spin. Even my new friend Jenny has a sort of hue to her skin and a twist to her eyes...

Oh... Jenny! I had forgotten about Jenny until I heard her voice shortly after the new bus arrived. On the old vehicle we had talked, but she had shyed away from the question of her past and family, and other generally normal stuff. Instead I had forced myself to 'chat' about fashion-a topic that, had the situation been different, I would have never spoke a word about. I was concious that Jenny seemed to be hiding something. What could it be? She was too nice to be back-stabbing like The Vegas Woman, wasn't she...? Now I heard her voice and turned to see whether she had deserted me for another passanger but she seemed to be talking to something that wasn't there. "Jenny! Jenny? Can you hear me Jenny? The new bus is here. It's time to go..."

Ignoring the calls of my teacher, I walked away from the bus and towards this lady.

She couldn't hear me.

The End

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