Call of the Wild

Lillith sat, the day turned to night, the sun slowly disappeared on the horizon as the new bus appeared. She smelt the cool crisp air and saw the full moonlight shining through the trees. She felt the wind ruffle through her fur. The moonlight hit her eyes and her pupils enlarged, the black engulfed the blue. She growled, but inside she was happy, she knew she wasn't going to get back onto the bus.

She looked at the enchanted chains on the tree. She fell onto her knees, her back arched. Her clothes tore as her muscles grew and hairs sprung from her skin, the white hairs formed to make her shaggy shining fur. Her nose grew into a long muzzle. She licked her lips, then traced her tounge over her teeth and threw back her head letting a long howl escape her lips.

With this new form she blew on the chains strapping Gabby to the tree and they disappeared, not too soon after her howl was answered and a thousand eyes stared back at her. She ran towards them, their howls mixing with hers.

She was....


The End

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