Lillith nodded. She didn't need sleep, but she walked away anyway, but instead of moving back to the group she moved deeper into the forest and sat, breathing deeply, thinking deeper. She looked at Basilic and Gabby. Before closing her eyes listening to the forest.


Phoebe looked after Basilic. "They will need a phoenix." Need me? Why would they need me? I set the bus on fire.

As she wondered this there was a deep red bus appear, exactly the same size as the last. Its silver rims shone. A man stepped out of the folding doors and walked down the road where a tow truck was waiting to pick up the wreck.

She looked at the bus. "A new start." She breathed nervously. Looking at the bus. It smelt new, she felt new. Perfect. She looked over at Basilic and Gabby, she was chained up... why? She shook her head. Watching as Auvrea pulled Martin onto the bus, they were followed by others. She waited holding back, she moved over to the forest to tell them a new bus was here. "Lillith!" She called. "Theres a new bus here." She said, in a strangely monotone voice. She looked into the clear forest. She knew Lillith would hear her anyway. No matter what tone she used. "Basilic, Gabby. The bus is here." She muttered before walking back over to the bus, leaning on the shiny red paintwork. It was hot and reflected the sun but she just absorbed the energy creating a white hot glow from her skin. She looked at her hand, turning it slightly. Her red veins looked so bright, she could see the blood moving through her hands almost like a tattoo. She smiled, looking up into the sun. 

The End

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