Lillith looked around. The silver cross glinting round her neck. She yawned. She remembered slowly getting off the bus when she had smelled smoke, her senses were alive now.

She could smell the smoke filling her nostrils. She blinked her crystalline blue eyes. She ran a hand through her blond hair, collecting herself she observed the scene infront of her. A woman, Gabby it seemed was being pinned down. She walked towards the scene and looked down at Gabby, parting the people pinning her down.

"Gabby." Her voice was solemn and grave. She took the silver cross from around her neck and knelt down. Lillith crouched over her and placed the silver cross on Gabby's chest, just below her neck. "Stop it." She pushed down, the silver burning Lillith's hand and Gabby's chest. But Lillith was used to it. She had been wearing it for over 300 years. She growled. "If you do not cease and desist immediatly I will have to force you to stop it." She tore open the top of a blood bag concealed in her back pocket and gave it to Gabby. "Stop this. Their blood is no different to anybody else's. You are weak, you are a fledgling. Beat the Beast!" She moved the cross to Gabby's forehead and muttered an incantation before letting out a deafening howl.

"STOP THIS!" She growled.

The End

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