The Smell...

‘Just… stick to animals. If you can’t do that, keep to the busy cities. I’m sure the odd missing person won’t be investigated too hard there.’ He sighed when he realised he wasn’t doing much good.

It took a while, but my tears have dried and I start to think about the future. I guess I’m just going to have to find out about life on my own. I’ll stick to animals and avoid humans all together if necessary.

Right now, I’m thinking it will be necessary – the people all around me smell simply mouth-watering. I have no idea how Alex managed to resist for so long on the bus, sharing the same air, sitting in closing proximity, smelling…

‘Gabby, Gabby!’ Delano shakes me roughly and I realise I’m staring at the people with my mouth hanging open.

I smile sheepishly, ‘Oops.’

He shakes his head and leans in to whisper to me.

‘You’re going to have to learn how to control yourself, Gabby.’

But I don’t here the words; all I can concentrate on is his delicious scent. And I thought that the others smelled good. His blood was so pure, if I tasted just one drop, it would last me for months.

The next thing I know, I’m being pinned to the ground by people from the bus. I fight against them, trying to get to the angel that is now standing 200 yards away from me.

I can still smell him.

‘I want you!’ I scream at him.

The End

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