He ran off and left her alone.

I sighed. The vampire had finally had the sense to leave, except he forgot to take his groupie with him. She sunk to the floor and broke down in tears. I think she realised somewhat too late that life is not a happy story book. I just got on with what I had to. Auvrea was busy making sure everyone else was okay, so I took care of Gabby. I had a feeling something was keeping me on this bus. I could have just left once I knew what this after life was for, but I didn’t. I guess this is it.

Gabby’s tears have dried now, but it took a while. She must really care for him. And he had just run out on her. She confessed she had no idea how to live like a vampire, so I was trying hard to think of things to say that might help, but all I could come up with was stick to animals or busy cities where the occasional missing person wouldn’t be investigated very hard. I don’t think it’s really helping. But hey, what more can I do? Being dead hasn’t exactly improved my people skills. Or made me any cleverer.

Someone not far away from me said how there should be more busses like this one. Weird comment, considering what’s been going on. I look over at the person with the weird eyes and turn my attention back to Gabby not long after. Maybe I’ll talk to that person later, they seem lonely.


The End

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