A Choice

Phoebe gathered herself up and shook herself. She held tight to her clothes making sure they didn't fall apart then moved back to the bus, she moved away the metal to find her bag, of course it was fireproof. She wasn't stupid, in it she found spare clothes, then quickly changed before anyone turned to see her. 

She also took a sip of her drink the fire bringing life back to her body. She placed the backpack over her shoulder then moved over to Basilic. "Bas, I think.. I'm gonna leave, walk the rest of the way." She said, trying to speak to Basilic and not the rest of them. "I'm not sure." She whispered. She may have been re-born but she didn't know what to do. Would she leave, and make a whole new life, or make the bus and Basilic part of her new life. She looked at Basilic with fire in her eyes, she saw tears filling his eyes again. "Snap out of it Bas!" She smiled wiping under his eyes. "Cry baby." She shook her head before laughing slightly.

She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. Then took another sip from her drink. She was re-gaining her energy, slowly. She looked straight into Basilics eyes, she could feel the stone gaze pushing towards her wanting to shatter her being. But instead she simply rolled her shoulders and smiled. "So, what to do?" She wasn't sure wether this was rhetorical or not.


The End

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