Where... ?

Basilic was about to explain when he heard Alex shouting. 

"Err... I have to go and... Sort that out as... As best I can..." he excused himself. He was ashamed. He should have ignored Alex for once. It wasn't his problem. He just didn't want to be seen as weak. 

He jogged over to the small group of people who had been around Alex. Delano, the younger angel, was holding Gabby back, and, when Alex had dissapeared, he let her go. She didn't run after him, but sank to the ground. Maybe she thought it was her fault that Alex had gone. Well, thought Basilic sourly, I certainly do. Alex may not have been the greatest person he'd ever met, but he was trying to conquer his demons, and Basilic thought there were more than the eye saw. 

He made his way to the angel, and pulled him away from the main group.

"Where... ?" his eyes went to the place where Alex had dissapeared, and he knew Delano understood.

"I... I'm not sure. He just went" and Basilic nodded and walked away. His eyes were starting to fill again. His thoughts had drifted back to Blaze and Annabelle... He sniffed, and took off his glasses, wiped his eyes, and put them back on. Snap out of it, Bas, you cry baby. She's gone. Just go with it. Move on.

The End

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