Isolation is all I ever needed.


I gulp down the bags of blood that Gabby produces. She doesn’t have many. Not even ten. Ten pints of blood per person. One person has suddenly become less than adequate. Not enough. Not right. It’s not fresh. In fact from a bag, the blood is horrible.

‘More!’ I gasp, grabbing at her jeans from where I sit. She shakes her head.

‘I haven’t got any more, Alex. I can go back, but you would have to wait again.’ I shake my head as she speaks.

‘NO!’ I shout. ‘I need it now!’ I look wildly around at the people milling around. Some have lost interest, some are watching with disinterest. Basilic is watching the phoenix more than me. I stumble to my feet.

‘I have to go!’ I stagger away from the group of people waiting for a new bus. Gabby tries to follow me, but the angel guy holds her back, telling her to let me go. I run as quickly as my aching muscles will let me, ending up what feels like miles away. I can no longer smell burnt plastic and fuel nor the blood of other people. Out here alone, I feel more at peace. Calmer. Maybe isolation is all I really need. I make a vow to myself to stay away from that bus for the rest of my life. I cannot go back there, as much as I will miss the people. I'm sure the angel guy will make sure Gabby doesn't go on a hunger rampage like me... I hope.

The End

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