‘Wait here.’ I told the angel, flitting away before he got the chance to argue.

At least half-vampires can run really fast.

I remember passing a sign for a hospital just before the bus decided to explode and where there was a hospital, there was blood. But after ten minutes of running at near-invisible speed, I began to get worried - had I missed it?

I turned around and began running again. Sure enough, there was the sign, hidden behind a bunch of overgrown bushes. It looked years older than I remembered, but I shrugged it off.

 The hospital was a tiny little thing, I almost ran right past it. It was about the size of my first school – Which was tiny.

As I walked through the front doors, I realised I didn’t have a plan. How on Earth was I going to get enough blood to stop Alex from being starved? Two things were puzzling me;

  1. Just how much I would need to satiate his thirst once, and keep it under control until he got of the bus.
  2. And why wasn’t I thirsty? Admittedly, he hadn’t fed for longer than me, but I’d had to make do with animal blood and I still felt full.

What’s going on with Alex?

As it happens, it wasn’t actually that hard to obtain the blood. In such a small facility, there really wasn’t much security and my heightened senses made it easy to sneak past the few that were on guard.

I crammed as much blood as I could into my pockets and wrapped more in my jacket, carrying as many as possible. There was no way I was going to sneak past the security this time, so I sprinted as fast as I could. I don’t think anyone saw me – if they did they kept it to themselves.

It took me hardly any time at all to get back to the group huddling at the side of the road. I rushed to Alex’s side just as he had another hunger cramp; he was curled up into a ball, whimpering, when I threw the bags of blood at him.

The way he slurped down three bags in the space of five seconds repulsed me. Okay, I’m never drinking human blood. Unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The End

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