Thank God

Auvrea leapt into Martin's arms and apologised. He didn't need it. He was just thankful that she was still with him. He thanked God. He'd never thought of God before, never before believed in him. Now it hit him. God must exist, or Auvrea wouldn't exist. He broke the kiss again.

"Don't be sorry. I'm just glad you're with me, Auvrea. I love you. Just... Please don't do that again?" his voice was light, but there was something in his eyes... He was truly frightened of it happening again.


Basilic watched Alex have his fit, but his eyes were distant as he sat beside Phoebe. She was still being Reborn. He'd seen her last tear fall. It was for Blaze. He could tell. No-one had ever shed a tear for him, although he'd shed plenty for others. He'd loved, but never had those feelings been mutual. He had hated life after Blaze had died. He had wished that it he who had died in his stead. He'd had no reason to live. Blaze was his best friend, a brother above all others. He clasped Phoebe's hand, and  rocked back and forth, tears starting to crest his tear ducts.

The End

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