Tender skin

Gabby keeps fussing over me. I don’t understand why. My skin is still tender from the burns, and I swear loudly as she clings to me in a fierce hug as we sit on the ground together, watching out for a new bus. I fall over backwards and Gabby doesn’t let go, falling with me. I wince as she aggravates more of my skin.

‘Well this is an interesting position, wouldn’t you say?’ she winks.

‘This is a painful position,’ I snap, pushing her off. I stay where I am, exhaling gustily. She sits back for a moment, before kneeling next to me, her face looming over mine.

‘Sorry Alex!’ her face twists with regret and I look blankly at her. Why did this have to happen to me? Why did that cursed angel guy have to heal me? Why am I stuck looking after a part vampire that has no idea what life is really like? Someone who clearly didn’t heed the earlier warning that life is not like Twilight. I push the thought out of my head and try to think of something else, but the only thing that leaps to mind is how weak I am, and wondering where the next meal is going to come from. I remember a flash of the last time I ate and I feel sick. It hadn’t been enough. Since when had draining the blood of one person not been enough? I feel my body quivering as the memory grips me.

‘Alex?’ Gabby asks, worried. I can’t see her as she is now; I see her bleeding wrist, feel her blood smeared on my lips. I feel as though I'm underwater. I can’t breathe, and everything sounds so weird, all slow and warped. I black out.

‘Alex?’ angel guy is leaning over me again, but I can see Gabby too. Oh this is cannot be good. Angel guy is leaning across me, pinning my arms to the grass beneath me. Gabby has a tight grip on my ankles and she looks terrified.

‘Get off me!’ I shout hoarsely. I try to push them off but they’re surprisingly strong. Or I'm worryingly weak. Take your pick.

‘You... you...’ Gabby stammers.

‘You had a fit,’ Angel guy tells me, his eyes glistening with concern.

‘A fit?’ I ask incredulously. Gabby nods, tearful. I groan, my stomach cramping up. My movement is too quick for them to keep me held down any longer. I curl into a ball and whine into my knees. I feel terrible.

The End

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