What was THAT?

Okay, so I'm something unknown. Which means I should be feared. Does that really mean that I have to be tied up?

If Alex hadn't thought to pull me off the bus, I would be burnt to cinders by now. It's not like I could have gotten off all by myself. And I blame Basilic for that.

I watched in horror as the burning fuel struck Alex, melting through his clothes and sizzling when it touched his skin. I was close enough that a drop hit me too. Thankfully, it only touched the ropes binding me, releasing me and meaning that I could be the first to the vampire's aid.

I pulled him as far as I could away from the burning wreck, I barely even noticed the body of a girl hurtling towards the ground.

I sobbed as someone pulled his clothes off his burns. Don't they know they shouldn't do that?! I try to tell them to stop but my throat feels as if there is a golf ball wedged down it. I didn't realise how much I cared for Alex.

The End

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