Phoebe opened her eyes slowly to see Basilic looking down at her. "Was it my fault?" He had whispered. She opened her eyes a little more and shook her head weakly. "No. I, I think I just." She paused gasping for breath, "I just left behind." She gasped again. "I left behind Blaze, a new life." She closed her eyes again. Her body was weak. She hated the feeling. But her hair this time was an even deeper red, from the love she had left behind previously. She shook her head again. "Maybe, I should just leave now. Try and find my new life. Blaze...You will never be forgotten." Her last tear fell for Blaze, it rolled down her cheek and fell to the grass.


Auvrea had resisted, it wasn't because she though she was invincible. It was just because she knew what was going to happen, she wouldn't leave her alone. But when Martin had kissed her she realised what she would be leaving behind and hurridly followed him.

When they had reached safety she jumped into Martin's arms kissing him softly but full of passion, she couldn't leave him behind. "Sorry." She wept, breaking their kiss for only a moment.

The End

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