My Fault?

Basilic was sat in the grass at the side of the road, remembering the last minutes of the bus' life. 

She'd kissed him. He knew it was what Blaze wanted for him, and for her, but did he? Anyway, she'd kissed him, and then pulled away, a fierce look in her eyes that made him scared. He had been scared. Nothing had scared him since he'd found he was alone in the world. Since he'd found Blaze dead... He forced the thought out of his mind. Don't think about it! he yelled in his head. She'd yelled at him to get everyone off the bus, which had broken his stare. He'd run to the front of the bus and got Beth, was it, to stop, whilst he yelled at everyone else to get off. Which they did, when some of the seats exploded. 

Phoebe had burst out of the top of the bus, a burning bird of ruby flame, when it exploded. She turned back into the form he'd got to know and fell from the sky from at least fifty feet.

He'd left her where she was, she needed to be in a hot place when the rebirth cycle started, that he knew from previous experience, but now he climbed over deformed, half-melted pieces of metal. She was in the middle, spread eagled across two seats. He picked her up, carrying her in his arms, and walked out of the still-melting bus slowly. He laid her down on the grass where he'd been sitting, and whispered in her ear.

"Was it my fault?"



Martin had heard Basilic yell. He couldn't hear him at first, but then the indecipherable message became clear - Get out! He turned and saw a chair explode, and tried to pull Auvrea with him. She was abstinent that she wasn't going to move.

"Auvrea... That seat exploded. If I'm right, that means there's going to be more fire any minute. And that also means the bus might explode. You may be an angel, but even you can be burnt to a crisp. We have to get off, now!" he desperately tried to pull her, but she still wouldn't move. He turned her, his face full of horror, not for himself, but for her. He kissed her forcefully, and then, in the moment that he broke contact, he pulled her off the bus, and ten seconds later it exploded.

"Even you couldn't survive that and still be as pure as you are," he said, and gathered her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her in an iron grip, her back to he bus, and he watched as Basilic walked through the flames to rescue the girl who was left there... Who didn't seem to be burnt at all. He wondered for a moment, and then shrugged mentally. He'd seen stranger stuff... Nearly. He just buried his face in Auvrea's hair, glad she was safe.


The End

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