Final Phoenix

Phoebe looked at Basilic. Staring deep into his eyes she leaned closer. Then, before he could resist she kissed him. "What, am I doing!?"  She thought as he broke away. The kiss still lingered on her lips as she turned, looking out of the window. "I.. just betrayed Blaze."  She could no longer feel Blaze's ghostly touch upon her shoulder. Her eyes blazed in anger, sorrow and love. The fire grew, "You betrayed him." The thought replayed in her head as the fire grew. Her eyes blazed turning a brilliant red.

Basilic edged back, Phoebe looked at her reflection, she did not know the person staring back at her, her reflection looked at her through an evil glare. Phoebe's wings had broken through the clothes on her back, burning through her top. She watched through her reflection as her body slowly burnt, the fire enveloping her whole being.

"Betrayal." Phoebe's thoughts haunted her. Her feet blew into flames. "Sorrow." Her legs became engulfed in the eternal flame. "Rage." Her stomach burned, slowly from the inside to the out. The yellow flame turned to a deeper red. She closed her eyes. Slowly she could feel the burning through her arms, then it stopped at her neck. A tear fell from her closed eyes. "Death." Her hair flickered, then sparked into a firey blaze. "Blaze." Her whole human form shattered, A flaming bird erupted from the molten core. The bus began to sizzle as the bird grew bigger, gathering the energy of love, sorrow and anger that filled it. First the seats errupted.

"Get everybody out of here!" Phoebe screamed at Basilic desperation lingering on the last word.

As everybody left the bus it ground to a halt. Another tear dropped from the birds eyes. The frame of the bus began to melt to a hot red liquid, then she could smell it. The gasoline in the bus burnt, releasing a foul smell before she heard it crackle. The bird let out a sorrowful screech before the bus exploded. She could hear the screams of the bus's travellers.

Phoebe, the bird, stretched her wings and broke through the top of the bus, shattering what was left of the frame. With her wings outstretched they seem to span across the whole sky, obliterating the horizon. But she could feel herself slowly losing energy.

In a flash of light she lost her form. She knew she wouldn't die, but she was at such a height. She fell, spiriling down towards the remnants of the bus. Her clothes that had embraced her lay in tatters, pieces of cloth falling from her body as she tumbled though the air like a rag doll. She closed her eyes, the flames slowly flickered and die, her hair began to blow in the cooling winds. She opened her arms and waited till she would enevitably fall to the earth. Now there she lay, in the black, hot remains of the bus. The smell of sulpher was the last thing she remembered as she embraced the cold darkness. Here she would be reborn.  

The End

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