“Yeah, he was a hunter. I am, now. He was an amazing hunter, actually. We were both tracking that rogue, and he shouldn't have died." He glanced at her and saw a guilty look in her eyes. Quickly, he changed the subject. "He never lost a rogue, and his eyes… They were so… Human. Not like mine. Well, they were when we were young. He only got ‘human’ eyes when he learnt control… He could mix with humans more than us, his eyes didn’t give him away. Basilisks don’t have a distinctive smell, we smell like humans. It’s the eyes that give us away.” He stopped, eyes downcast. He nearly started crying. He loved Blaze as a brother. He had always been there, and was never too busy for anyone.


Bas, she needs to move on. I can’t have her lingering on, loving me forever. She needs someone else. She needs you. Basilic shook his head. Blaze, just leave me alone. She was yours. She still is. I can’t have her. He looked up, at her red eyes, red hair. He could see why Blaze had loved her.

The End

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