Licence to Kill...

I sat exactly where I was. The emotions were still there but I felt like I could deal with them. The angel moved away. I didn't want to move just yet. I was glad people were still off the bus.

I really couldn't move. The feeling I had felt if only for a couple of seconds. The feeling of compleate love and purity. I threw down the bottle. If I am really what the angel said I was then I didn't need Aphrodite anymore.

I thought of all those other hateful people in the universe. I thought of everyone I had ever known. Including Claude. I don't know Aphrodite cared for him like she did. For someone who doesn't belive in love of course.

It struck me. The angel had said I could go to hevaen now but what good would my life be. I wouldn't deserve heaven. I was going to try and create some good from Beatrice. Even if it meant I couldn't get into heaven I would need to kill Claude.

I had already done that but it didn't work. I needed someone who knew more about that kind of matter. How to kill one of their own. Bas! If Aphrodite had taught me anything it is what you need to do to reach an aim. I now had to apologise to Bas. He said he had known Claude right?

The End

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