Basilic frowns as I explain what’s happening with Gabby.

‘I mean, I burnt when I first came out of the hospital. It was pretty much instant. But she’s not feeling the burn and I'm not seeing any burning going on... I don’t know what’s happened,’ I step back as Basilic crouches over Gabby. He shrugs and I wait for him to tell me that I can’t even screw something up properly. He looks up at me.

‘Well, I don't know what she is, OK? But... I don't like the unknown. She's to stay tied up, and if anyone unties her I'll not be impressed, understand?’ his glare is horrible. ‘You'll have to figure this one out without me. But if you do need any help with anything, I'll be nearer the front. Anything, Alex. Anything at all.’ He stalks off and I hear him speak to someone else.

 The guy angel comes up to me, obviously having a brave moment.

‘She’s not a full vampire’ he says simply.

‘Not... a full vampire?’ I look down at her incredulously, then up at the angel.  

‘No. You didn’t get enough venom in her to make her a full vampire. I suppose one day the vampire cells might mutate the human cells and she will become a full vampire that way. Otherwise, she can stay like that. Half vampire is better than full. Less hassle with feeding.’ He glares at me. ‘I still can’t believe you turned her at all. Even if it only half worked.’ I can’t describe the emotions I felt coming from him at that point. I shake my head and feel tears of frustration and regret fighting for release.

‘I didn’t mean to! It must have happened when she was trying to force me to drink from her! I didn’t, I wouldn’t have done it on purpose! Even in that state.’ I shout at him, defensive. ‘I wouldn’t have... no one deserves this kind of life.’ I sink into a chair, the all too familiar waves of self loathing crashing over me, relentless.


I feel sorry for the vampire, almost. I know he’s telling the truth, he wouldn’t have done that to the girl deliberately, but it still happened. He has to live with that, and take responsibility for what happened, delirious though he was. It was as much her fault as his though, by what he’s saying. Her expression is stubborn and she seems to refuse to accept that any of it was her fault. I can tell she’s happy that she’s beginning to get her way though. She wants to be a vampire. I shake my head and return to my seat, wondering how people can actually want a life like that.

The End

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