Blazing Hearts

"Sure." She moved into the window seat giving Basilic somewhere to sit down. "Me and Blaze met when he was on a mission to terminate an unruly Basilisk." She shook her head. "He was a hunter I think, I can't remember Blaze never liked to tell me about his work." She sighed, "It was sort of like love at first sight I guess. We arranged to meet the next night. That carried on for quite a while. Until I found out what he was, and he knew what I was." She lit her hand on fire then put it out again. "Then he was determined to save me. Called me Gold dust." She smiled.

"But, one night one of Blaze's 'fans' found out about us. Back then Basilisks were sworn to secrecy, they could not love or see anyone else other than another Basilisk, fear of diluting the blood." She sighed again, the smile wiped from her lips. "Blaze was, strong. Handsome and was good at what he did. He loved me and vowed to protect me, maybe I should have vowed to protect him after all he is the one that is.." She stopped she knew Basilic understood her.

The End

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