I Don't Like The Unknown

Basilic passed Auvrea as he walked up to Gabby, and he rolled his eyes. He smiled as he elicited a small giggle, but then he realised who it was, and what had happened... How many days ago? 

He reached Gabby and Alex after what felt like a year. 

"What is it now, Alex?" he asked harshly, contempt underlying his tone. He could smell vampire... Alex, he'd learnt his scent, but there was something else. Gabby.

"Something's wrong, right? She's neither vampire or human, and you think I know what she is?" Alex nodded mutely, seeming not to trust himself to speak. 

"Well, I don't know what she is, OK? But... I don't like the unknown. She's to stay tied up, and if anyone unties her I'll not be impressed, understand?" and as he said this he looked Alex, the threat undercut by a poisonous look. It might have killed a human, even if he wasn't basilisk kind. "You'll have to figure this one out without me. But if you do need any help with anything, I'll be nearer the front. Anything, Alex. Anything at all." and with that he turned and walked down the bus again. He stopped at Phoebe's seat. 

"Phoebe... Could you tell me what you knew about Blaze?"

The End

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