Human Assumptions

This lady, Jenifer and I talk for a while. It's not about much, just the people on the bus and what we think of them. I think I can let my guard down around this person-she seems kind, trustworthy and generally warmly welcoming. I tell her not to trust 'Aphrodite', who was now sitting, and enjoying her time, with Bas. I rolled my eyes and turned away, but at a "Look" from Jenifer, turned back to see 'Aphrodite' writhing in her seat. God, I'm not surprised her dreams are haunted, such a filthy woman like that!

The pale guy, Alex, his scruffy girl, Gabby, and Bas really interest me. They keep stopping the bus, getting off, then getting back on a little later. It's mainly around Gabby-earlier Bas went away from Vegas Woman to try and sort out an argument Gabby and Alex were having. But it seems Alex doesn't like the interference. I mean who would like to be told what to do with their personal affairs? I certainly don't.

The lady model-Auvrea I think her name is, but it's hard to hear all the way back here at Row 13-was trying to help, but she ended up storming away. It seems even her beauty couldn't point them in the right direction. Then Alex managed to knock out Bas, and ran off the bus with Gabby. Good for them, I think- following one's heart is the way to go. (I didn't go and help Bas-he had several people round him at once). I wonder what the driver is thinking about people just stopping and starting the bus? 

Anyway I turned back to Jenifer after that, but my phone rang, it's metallic ABBA ringtone echoing through my handbag. I rolled my eyes, apologised to Jenifer and flipped open the pink device.

"Mmhmm....Yeah, I know. Yes, mum, we're almost there." I say in a sickly sweet voice that even I hate. "I'll let you know....Mmhm...Okay...Bubbye." Ending the call I turn back to Jenifer.

 "Sorry about that. Now where were we? What's your story, Jenny-" Then I blushed. Oh, you've done it again Meggan Louise Greene. You've assumed someone wants to be your friend.... An angry voice said inside of me.

"Sorry-Can I call you Jenny...?" I stutter to the lady, "How do you end up on this bus?" I'm on a school trip- In fact I'd better check when I'm getting off." Though it seems the other people who are meant to be on this trip are no longer here. Leaving Jenifer to answer only to herself, I get up to the front of the bus. Any excuse to talk to Aidan.

The End

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