Alone and curious

Everyone else gets off the bus.

Not me.

The pretty one had placed her hands on my head. Little did she know that although Aphrodite is gone Beatrice still isn't an idiot. I saw a little way into her mind whilst she was scanning mine.

I'm now alone on the bus. Along with all the other emotions that are flooding my head I'm getting a little annoyed. I need Aphrodite back. She may be evil but shes strong. I'm just pathetic. To pathetic to kill myself or carry on living as Beatrice without going insane from my past. Someone took my booze. I can't remember if I finsihed the weed myself. I hate living like this. When I'm high Aphrodite blocks out most of my past as Beatrice. When I'm like this I can't remember most of the stuff I've done whilst high.

I begin to rumage. I can't see that Bas guy anywhere and he knew about my booze. Ha! I eventually find his bag and unsuprizingly my Booze.

Looking down at it nearly ever part of me screams no. I can't become Aphrodite again, I can't. Theres still that bit of me that needs her. I'm a stupid, ignorant, low excuse for a human. I raise the bottle to my lips and un-cap it slowly, as my hands shake.

"No! Aphrodite put that bottle down!"

"It's Beatrice." I spit between gritted teeth. I know it was the angel who yelled that.

"No it isn't. You claim Aphrodite is the evil one, yet you are the one who makes her."

"You don't understand" I sink to the floor crying ending up slumped in the isle. "I am worthless. She is my strength. You really think I can live like this?!" I point to myself.

"There are other forms of strength that arn't evil Beatrice" Her voice is so soft as she kneels down next to me.

The End

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