First hunt

Basilic takes Gabby out of the bus for a few hours, in which time other passengers get off to stretch their legs for a while. Or wings, in some cases. The new angel flies over the nearby forest for a while before quietly resuming his seat in the bus. I don’t get off the bus; I just sit in the first row, sulking a little. Basilic no doubt hates me now. He had been vaguely tolerant up until now, but I don’t think he will want anything more to do with me, other than to kill me. Eventually, Basilic returns with Gabby, her eyes returned to normal and sated. He ties her up, which she doesn’t like, and then sends her to sleep. The sun is still out, and my face and hands are exposed to the rays. I almost enjoy the pain, like a punishment I deserve.

Everyone else begins to file back into the bus and I drag Gabby into a seat where she sits limply. I fix her position so she doesn’t fall out of the seat and then take my seat behind the angel again. We ride in relative quiet for a while at least until Gabby wakes up. She shrieks for me and I heave myself up and go to her. I suppose she’s my responsibility. I look into her eyes worriedly and ask her what’s wrong.

'I don't think I'm really a vampire.' She says. I arch an eyebrow.

‘Gabby,’ I start sternly, ‘your heart stopped, you got blood lust and you went out to feed. You can’t tell me you were faking.’ I take my knife from my arm strap, sliding it down the inside of my sleeve into my hand again, the movement so practiced that I almost feel the next move, which is usually in a fight with a vampire a stab to the throat, but I can’t really do that right now. I make a gentle cut on her arm and though she winces, she tries to watch what happens. It heals slowly, but a lot quicker than a human. It’s not fast enough though. I'm confused.

‘What are you doing?’ she asks.

‘A vampire heals quickly. Very quickly. Watch,’ I pull the blade across my palm and the cut, though deep, heals within three seconds or so. Her eyes widen. ‘See? You healed. But not as quickly as that. You don’t smell like a human either. You don’t smell like a vampire, to be honest. But then I don’t know what a new vampire smells like, this has never happened to me before.’

‘I’m not burning though. Your skin is all cracked and bleeding in the sun,’ she says, biting her lip slightly. I frown. She’s right.

‘I don’t know... I don’t have any experience. Maybe Basilic will know.’ I get up, ignoring her protests and ask Basilic to help.



The End

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