Wait a Sec...

After my hunting expediton, (which was a simply fantastic first meal of a badger and a squirrel. Yum) the man with the scary eyes tied me up and blew on my face. I started to think that it was weird, blowing on someones face. But then I fell asleep.

When I awoke it was early evening and the sun shone in through the window, resting on my arm. I sighed, no sparkles. I twisted my arm back and forth in the rays of light, hoping for at least a slight luminescence.

Hang on a second...

'ALEX!' I screamed up the bus, and I heard footsteps as he sprinted towards me, shock plastered on his face.

'What Gabby? What is it? What's wrong?' He was frantically looking for signs that  was hurt or something had gone wrong in the transfomation. But he didn't get it - the whole point was that I wasn't hurt. The sun should be scorching my skin right now, but the warmth just felt like a gentle kiss.

Alex's eyes widened in shock and he scrambled to look into my eyes again.

'If this is some kind of sick trick, Gabby, I'm not falling for it.'

'It's not a trick,' I whisper. 'I don't think I'm really a vampire.'

The End

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