Basilic was furious, again. Alex had seriously screwed up. Although this was as much Gabby's fault as his. Basilic stood and made his way to Gabby, grabbed the back of her shirt and dragged her off the bus.

"Alex, make sure this bus stays here. If it moves, I'll kill you more completely than you can imagine." he threatened, before pushing Gabby into a forest 50 metres off the road. When they got there, he pushed her against a tree and put his face about two inches from hers.

"If you even think about harming a human on that bus, I'll rip you limb from limb like a rag doll. No more harm is to befall that bus if I can help it." and then he threw her to the ground in disgust and removed his glasses. She started to rise and looked about to attack when she caught his eyes. He controlled her. She wouldn't attack him. For now.

"Hunt, but beware. Some of my kin live around here, and they don't like outsiders taking their prey." and with that, he let her hunt, only intervening when she moved to the edge of the forest. After three hours, he returned her to the bus. He rummaged through his bag and found a rope. He always travelled prepared. He had been on his way to hike in the Italian hills, but he had missed his stop whilst watching Alex. He wound it tightly around her wrists and ankles, whilst she hissed and growled at him. Finally, he knocked her out with a bout of air-borne venom.

The End

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