Things really couldn't get much worse...

Gabby is going nuts... she thinks she’s changing. She staggers back to her seat in the second row and I can just about see her touching her neck, then her wrist. She looks like she’s checking her pulse. But why would she do that? Like I told her, the transformation into a vampire involves a coma like state and then her heart would stop. It doesn’t stop for long, I got my heart beat back after about twenty minutes, but it’s enough to tell something has happened. Unless of course you don’t check your pulse. In which case you find out when you get hungry and don’t know what it is you’re craving, but you know you’re craving something you have never wanted before. The beast inside quickly lets you know, say the next time you come across a human being. This bus has a fair few of those on.

My doubts are nagging at me. What if there was venom on my lips? What if her pulse has stopped? I get up and make my way down to her.

‘What are you doing?’ I ask her irritably.

‘I have no pulse!’ she looks a little frantic. I roll my eyes and grab her wrist, placing my fingers over the vein, waiting to pick up her pulse.

‘Of course you have a pulse,’ I snap, shifting my fingers slightly. I say she has a pulse, but if I'm honest, I can’t feel it...

‘No, I don’t!’ she tells me, placing my hand on her neck where her pulse should be. She’s right. There isn’t anything. I stare at her, bewildered and shocked. I take a seat next to her and tell her to be quiet while I think of something. She coughs and splutters and puts a hand over her heart, leaning forwards.

‘What’s wrong?’ I frown. She’s only had no heartbeat for five minutes; her heart couldn’t have restarted just yet could it?

‘My chest hurt. I'm okay, I think.’ She says, sitting up carefully. I grab her wrist and feel for a pulse. Its faint and erratic, but its back. I look up at her, cautious.

‘Your pulse is back,’ I say slowly. ‘Look at me,’ I order. She obeys and I look carefully into her eyes. Red. The edges of her irises are going red. And quickly. ‘Wait here and do not move,’ I say, getting up. I find my way over to Basilic.

‘We have a situation.’ I say. He looks up at me and shoves his shades back on.

‘What is it?’ he gets up.

‘Gabby,’ I tell him in a low voice. ‘I think there must have been venom... on... on my lips... or something. Before...’ I trail off, looking at the floor. I'm torn between tears and anger. Anger at myself, that is. I feel anger radiating off Basilic. He honestly doesn’t need to be angry at me, I'm kicking myself already. ‘We have to get her off the bus... she’s hungry.’ I add.


The End

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