I was pulled reluctantly from sleep, a growing sound in my head awakening me. I sat up suddenly, but immediately fell back down when I was submerged my a wave of dizziness. Oh well, I would have to be content with lying in this uncomfortable postion, my neck at a dodgy angle.

Looking down at myself, I saw blood. Lots of it. It was probably all mine and all of my clothes were caked in it. I could even taste it on my lips and feel it in the stiffness of my hair.

Slowly, slowly, I managed to sit up. I sat there for a few seconds, fighting back the nausea caused by loss of blood from my wrist.

My wrist. Dare I look? I felt only a slight stinging pain which I didn't recognise from my previous deep cuts. When I finally found the courage to examine my injury, I was shocked by what I found - only the tiniest of grazes. Curse this bus! Why did it have to have so many people with the weird ability to heal a person with one touch?

That was when I began to notice the sound in my head again. The sound that awoke me. It seemed as if my every thought was the volume of a jet plane taking off.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? My thoughts screamed at me. AM I GOING INSANE?

Thats when I began to hear the voices. They weren't 'go kill yourself' voices. They were the voices of my parents, my brother, my teachers, all screaming at me so loudly I couldn't make out what the individual voices were saying.

I lunged out of my seat and stumbled up the centre aisle towards the seventh row, shaking my head in a pathetic attempt to rid myself of the incessant noise.

'What have you done to me? Am I going insane?' I spat in Alex's face, just inches away from him. The skin on his face was cracked and bleeding, not a pleasant sight.

To my surprise, he smiled.

'I haven't done anything to you.' He said, relishing the moment, anticipating my reaction to his next sentence. 'You cracked.' He leaned closer to me. 'You have gone crazy.'

I refused to believe him.

'No, this must be some part of the transformation! I'm turning into a vampire.'

He was shaking his head before I had even finished.

'Remember what I told you? A changing vampire goes into a coma-like state, and then their heart just stops beating. That's IT.'

I turned around and stomped back to my seat in the 2nd row and placed my hand on my chest, trying to find my pulse, I moved my hand around and around, left to right.

No pulse.

I placed my fingers to my throat and then to my wrist.

No Pulse.


The End

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