Phoebe turned around in her chair so she was facing Basilic. She placed a hand on his cheek. She put his glasses in her shirt pocket. She looked into his eyes, her own flamed but she didn't know why.

It could be sorrow, she felt quite content, she wasn't angry and it was love. She had Blaze! She couldn't. "It couldn't be love... could it?"  Before she really knew anything she had her face so close to his. "But I'm sure he would want me to move on." She whispered. "Where did that come from?" She couldn't stop herself from saying it. Those eyes. She imagined Blaze infront of her. "What am I doing?"  Her body seemed to act on its own. Her head told her she had Blaze, but in her eyes she could see Blaze infront of her... Those eyes...

The End

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