Apologising... Yet Again

Basilic smiled at Alex and tried to seem friendly, but inside he was seething. Alex had purposefully knocked him out and taken Gabby to the village, intent to kill. He knew what he was doing, and should have stopped himself. He turned and looked at Phoebe. Her presence reminded him of Blaze.

Do not be too hard on him, Bas. He has a harder time of life than you know. His past is shrouded in mystery, even to me, but it is surrounded by pain. Blaze's voice said, matter-of-factly. Shut up, Blaze. Leave me alone, was his snappish response. Never, Bassy boy. You need me to keep you sane. Basilic agreed with that. He slumped down in his seat, and thought of how he'd messed up all possible chances of a friendship with Phoebe. His sour mood didn't improve when the bus went over a pot hole and jolted his head against the window.


An hour later, he couldn't bear it anymore. He had to apologise to Phoebe. Blaze insisted that he did. Standing up and striding down the bus, he breathed heavily. Trying to sooth himself. He reached Phoebe and crouched by her. 

"Phoebe... I'm sorry, for what I did."

The End

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