Defeated again

Gabby is winding me up. She just saw me kill someone, I have blood all over my mouth, my face is burning and cracking in the sun and she still wants to be like me. And now she’s asking if I want her blood. To be honest, anyone’s blood would do, but she hacks her wrist open with a razor blade and holds it to my mouth. Her blood smears on my lips, but I refuse to open them, and drink. I turn my head, her wrist scraping the side of my face.

‘Why won’t you drink from me? Why won’t you do it?!’ she screams at me. ‘Why can’t you accept this is what I want to do?!’ I let out my own roar of frustration and punch the wall, smashing my knuckles. I don’t even flinch as pain shoots through my hand.

‘Because no one should WANT this!’ I yell at her. I grab her wrist and push my fingers into the wound, resisting the almost over powering urge to just give in. I'm still shaking. My contacts have dissolved; I can feel the plastic running over the rims of my eyes like tears. Gabby isn’t frightened, just angry that I won’t do it, even in this state. I'm a mess of blood, my own and Gabby’s and the anonymous woman’s. Gabby is crying now, frustrated tears falling down her face. Too hungry to care anymore, I lift her wrist to my lips. Basilic interrupts me, yelling at me. I turn around and see him standing there, shades off, staring at me. I falter and throw myself at him, attacking wildly, but not strong enough to last long. Basilic over powers me with his poison breath. I feel my limbs go numb and I roll off the basilisk, defeated, letting darkness take me.

The End

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