Stopping a Rampage


Basilic woke, groggy, and a pain throbbing in the back of his head. He glanced around. Everyone was there. Except... Alex and Gabby. He gasped, and almost flew to the front of the bus. He stopped the driver, and told her to keep the bus there until he got back. He ran to the village they'd passed not five minutes ago, but it took him at least fifteen to get there. He then stopped, and sniffed deeply. He caught the faint trace of blood. He ran towards it.

He found Gabby with Alex's hands wrapped around her and a deep cut in his wrist.

Basilic gasped, and ran forwards. He saw the gash on the humans face. She wouldn't survive. He removed his glasses and yelled.

"Alex! What the Hell do you think you're doing?!" At his name, Alex turned around, his face crazed by the Beast, blood spattered through his hair, clothes and his face caked in blood. His eyes looked straight into Basilic's, and they muted. For a second. And then they brightened again, and the Beast leapt at Basilic. Nails as sharp as diamonds ripped at his skin. Alex's face, maddened, was right in Basilic's, and he just instinctively released poison into his breath. The most he'd ever put into the air at one time. He hoped it would be enough. Alex seemed to go weaker, and then he stopped, and rolled off Basilic. 

An hour later, Basilic had dragged the unconcious Alex back to the bus, Gabby following mutely.

The End

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