A pull away from Alex's vice-tight grip and vomit violently on the ground beside his shoes.

Tears are streaming down my face and I can see the dead body of the woman Alex drained. I distant part of my mind wonders if he was careful enough to avoid spitting on her.

He is standing over me, his red eyes boring holes into my back.

I wipe my mouth on the back of my hand and turn to face him, trying to disguise my fear with anger.

'Yes! This is what I want! DO YOU HEAR ME!? I WANT to be like you!' I stand on my tip toes and come so close to him our noses are almost touching. Then I see his nose twitch as he catches the scent of my blood. 'Do you want to drink my blood?' I suddenly whisper seductively.

I look down at my hand and bring it up to his face, drawing my wrist just under his nose. He inhales deeply, and I know that he wants nothing more right now.

I suddenly remember the razor that I have in my jeans pocket, and I reach for it, trying to avoid his notice. All fear is gone now. I'm confident will get what I want.

'You want me don't you? You want to drain me completely. Just imagine how delicious I would taste.' Just keep him distracted Gabby, I think to myself.

I bring both of my hands behind my back and, smiling at him, hack a deep cut into my right wrist.

The End

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