Mind Tricks

Auvrea nodded. She turned, looking at Beatrice. "Keep still." She placed two hands on either side of Beatrice's head. She closed her eyes, delving deep into the womans mind.

There she saw death, she had stabbed someone with dark green eyes, but not Basilic nor blaze. This was wrong but it seemed to be hiding something deeper. So further she went. She saw endless images of Beatrice drinking, and smoking but her mind still seemed to be holding back, and whats more lacking happy memories. Whats this?

She heard Beatrice moan with pain. "Sorry, just hold on." She cooed. Her mind was so complicated. But there, a happy memory Beatrice with her father, but no. She hates her father. The next scene seemed fuzzy, her father was with another woman she saw through Beatrice's eyes. Auvrea stared in horror. She released the bond.

"You killed your own father!?" She looked horrified. Never had she seen so much evil before, surely it wasn't a trick. 

The End

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