Is this really what you want?!

‘Just don’t do anything stupid. Okay?’ Auvrea warns me. She warns Gabby about something and practically skips off. I let out a weird noise, a sort of strangled growl as she stirs up the smell of her blood in the air. I twist in my seat sharply, about to grab her as she went past, but Basilic got to me first.

‘Can’t even wait one minute to do something stupid like that,’ He glares at me. I look at where his eyes are behind the shades, and struggle against his grip, the beast inside me whining, aggravated.

‘I need to get off!’ I gasp, my eyes instantly red. I regret ever coming on this bus. All it’s done is made my... condition worse!

‘I need to go to the bathroom,’ I say, rummaging through my bag for the contacts. Basilic lets go of me and I practically run to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me. I put the contacts in, my hands shaking hard. I think I might just be going crazy finally. It took a while, but this bus has pushed me over the edge. I jab my eyes putting the contacts in, but at last when they’re in, I come out of the tiny room, trying to look calm. I sit back in my seat and Gabby asks if I'm okay. I tell her I'm fine and pull out some food from my bag. Cookies. I don’t even notice as I devour the whole packet.

I notice that we’re approaching a village and I make up my mind. I get up and before anyone can do anything, I hit Basilic so hard he cracks his head on the back of the seat. He’s out cold. I pull my hunting knife out of its strap under my jumper, letting it slide down my arm into my hand. I pull Gabby up and hold the knife to her throat, dragging her down the bus.

‘I’m going to show you what it’s really like to be a vampire,’ I tell her in a low, ominous voice, planning a quick rampage on this small village. I make the driver let us off and I pull Gabby away from the bus, into the village. I find my first victim, and pull Gabby over to the woman standing in the gap between two houses. I hit the woman’s temple with the handle of my knife and she falls to the floor with a cry. There’s no one else around, so I stand Gabby up against the wall.

‘Watch! Watch what you will become, Gabby!’ I scream at her, bending over the woman on the floor. I drop, crouching beside her and picking up her wrist. I look up at gabby, who is frozen to the spot in horror. I smile grimly and slit the woman’s wrist with my knife. I put my mouth to the wound the moment the red liquid spills out. I drink it all, every last drop and when it’s gone, I stand, picking up my fallen knife. I’m not done yet.

‘Is this what you want?’ I roar at Gabby. ‘LOOK AT ME!’ she looks up reluctantly. ‘Look me in the eye and tell me you want this!’

The End

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