An angels touch.

The angelic one sat next to me and again I was filled with guilt.

She asked me what was wrong.

"I'm Beatrice. Please don't call me Aphrodite." I could see the angel was a little taken aback by the not only change in my voice but my tone and apearance.

Tears continued to silently run down my cheeks. I turned away from her again looking down at my seat, ashamed. The woman drew back confused by the change she could see in me. Aphrodite was gone for now leaving the weak shell of Beatrice. 

She placed a hand on my shoulder, a tear running down her own cheek.

"I can see you've had a very dark past Aph... Beatrice. What has provoked such a change in you today?"

"My drugs my booze its gone. My strength is gone with who I am when I'm on them. Look at me."

"You must understand who you are when your high isn't a good person."

"I know she isn't. Shes hatefull and spitefull. She has no emotions or regrets."

"Thats not you. Thats the drugs!"

"Aphrodite may be, but all the things weve done is what I have done."

This doesn't excuse me from anything. Especially not what I did to her. I don't deserve her to be nice to me. I sink back down into my seat running out of tears. I haven't eaten for days and my tears are as bitter as I am.

The End

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