Stupid question

Auvrea stepped back, seemingly going back to her seat, but instead she turned and walked back. She wasn't giving up, even if she was a spoilt brat who had seemed to watch twilight and thought Vampirism is great okay she didn't want to get bit again but she had to do something, after all the first time was when she was only half-pure she hated to think what would happen if he tasted her blood now. She shook her head. Slowly she took another step forward, taking a deep breath she blew over Alex, his eyes turned to their original colour again. It would only last for a while but she needed the time to talk to Gabby.

She heard Gabby ask wether she would come back and she rolled her eyes. "Do you only see what you want to? I was human, Alex bit me I became dead, not a vampire." She rolled her eyes again. She looked over to Alex hoping not to offend or bring back bad memories but she needed to remind him of his place. "Watch who you bite Vampire. I may be an angel but if you bite me first its self-defence." She glanced over to Basilic, okay. So she wouldn't actually do it but still, she knew someone who would. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her.

She turned to see the Phoenix, who she never got the name of sat in a firey cocoon. She felt the pain coming from her. "Blaze." She could hear the name being muttered over and over again, but what was more she could see a ghostly presence sat next to her, its arm around her, well his arm was around her. This must have been Blaze, strange she hadn't seen a ghost in years but this was different he had such a solid reason to be here. She wondered wether he would ever leave to the next plain. Or wether he would get his body back.. But either way, she turned back to Gabby, that was a story for another day she thought.

The End

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