Crushes, interfering angels and sort-of plans.

"Gabby, you know what this would entail? How could you want such a thing?"

Oh, so she'd been listening to our conversation, had she? Well, it wasn't any of her business and I told her as much.

The look of horror on her face turned to one of shock which was almost comical. Oh yes, I went there. I knew what she was thinking, 'how can anyone speak to a precious angel like that?'

Alex spoke to her, a little too quietly for me to here all of it, but I caught enough to understand that he was trying to explain how many times he had tried to dissuade me from my intentions. Finally, she stepped back from him warily, probably seeing something in his mind. How can they be considered holy when they're always listening to other people's thoughts?

'Butt Out.' I ccalled to her as she walked back to her seat, and turned back to Alex. As I did, I saw the male angel looking my way. I remembered when I saw the red-haired girl put her arm across his shoulders, I had felt a sharp twinge in my gut and it took me a moment to recognise the feeling of jealousy. Is it possible that I could like this guy? No, I didn't even know his name and he was probably much too old for me.

Just then, a sort-of plan formed in my mind.

'If you were really hungry, would you bite me?' I asked Alex.

The question suprised him and he looked down at is hands, ashamed.


I nodded understandingly - I am human after all, I do have blood running through my veins.

'Okay, this is gunna sound really stupid, but, you know how in Twilight, if the victim dies, then they don't return as a vampire?' He nodded, looking wary. 'Well, if you bit someone, me, for example, and I died, as long as I had vampire saliva in my system, would I come back?'

The End

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