Auvrea pushed her back uncomfortably in the chair. She couldn't just sit here and do nothing knowing full well how much evil there was on this bus. She turned her head, wondering where she could start when she heard Gabby talking about becoming a vampire. She walked over to them. "Excuse me, did I hear you right? Did you just say you wanted to be a vampire?" As the words tumbled out of her mouth a horrified look crossed her face.

"Gabby, you know what this would entail how could you want such a thing?" Auvrea whispered solemnly. The thought of someone being turned into a vampire made her skin crawl, but the thought of a human actually wilingly volunteer to the change? By the look of Alex's face he didn't want to turn her either. But Auvrea wouldn't rest until she heard a valid reason. Even then, she didn't know wether she would give up on this. There were better things after all.

The End

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