Shock, Confusion.. Sorrow.

Basilic just leant closer, she could feel his breath on her cheek. Had he just tried to kiss her? Before she could be sure of anything he had moved towards the front of the bus. Her minded floated to a number of things, Blaze mostly but questions formed in her mind like; what would he want? I mean I couldn't just move on? I couldn't leave him. Could I? She looked down her eyes dimming.

She pulled her knees up to her chest and held them close. Another tear hit her knee, followed by another flash of light floating down the bus. "I just want him back." She sobbed, but not another tear fell, instead she flexed her back, sprouting flaming red wings that roared with a flame of life. But it was a cold flame. She wrapped them around herself, hiding from the world.

"I would probably kiss him too, but Blaze is right here, his hand on my shoulder, his voice in my head. His heart still beating with mine."  A sigh escaped her lips. "I just want you back. Won't you come back? I don't want you to go. Come back. Blaze.. "BLAZE!" Her body lit up in flames, but only for a short second. The wings however still remained. She just wanted to be held. But everyone was gone. But everyone had been her fault, her family, Blaze, Basilic she even thought was somewhat her own fault. "He can't be with me in life, I can't join you in death. What sick and twisted person made me!?" She knew she wouldn't be able to move on. Never.  

The End

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